May 17, 2021

UK Invests £24 million in Agri-tech projects

We delve more into what is reaping the benefits when it comes to technology in the agriculture sector thanks to our new client

We are excited to announce that we are working with a new Aberdeenshire client that has established itself as a runaway success in the digital agriculture sector.

The company understand the modern day challenges of typical farmers and uses technology to power users business efficiencies, where digitising the herd to drive growth performance, increase health identification and improve labour efficiency is at the core. Improving results and reducing costs via automation and data analytics is key to this continued success.

We wanted to read more about the growing Agri-tech market in the current UK landscape and overall the UK invests in £24 million on Agri-tech projects per year.  

Just in the last few days a farm-lab experimenting with some of the latest Agri-tech solutions has been opened by Barclays Bank and a university partnership as part of its network of co-working spaces to help start-ups flourish and develop.

The end goal by all companies is to help the British farming industry become the most digitally enabled in the world.

Agri-tech can be shaped into a number of new technology developments and below are just some of the tech projects that the government has recently funded on stabilising the UK's hold as being an Agri-tech strong hold.

Agri-tech Solution #1

The use of GPS tracking to improve productivity of grazing dairy cows


To encourage farmers to keep their cows grazing outdoors, by developing a system that monitors cows’ grazing behaviour and automatically opens gates to new pasture when the cows want more food.

Grant: £233,286

Agri-tech Solution #2

Systems of leading vertical farming technologies


Vertical farming (growing produce in stacked levels indoors) is an exciting new technology. This project will help develop new vertical farming systems by combining different technologies to optimize growing conditions.

Grant: £990,856

Agri-tech Solution #3

A fleet of autonomous multi modal soft fruit robots


The First Fleet– world’s first autonomous multi modal soft fruit robots will carry out a wide variety of tasks in the field. The system will transform robotic strawberry production from the laboratory bench to a commercially relevant system.

Grant: £1,242,623

With a global pandemic still effecting us the farming industry is currently facing a number of challenges, so there is a great drive to fund, develop and constantly think of new solutions to the issues and aid in the recovery of our sector.

We at Intellicore are extremely excited to be working with industry where with the talent of developers anything is possible, solvable and can improve such an important industry.

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written by
Ashley Mackie
Marketing Manager
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