Remote working

The current COVID-19 outbreak has led to a significant number of companies moving to working from the home.

Figures recorded for October to December 2019 show that there was a record of 32.93 million people aged 16 years and over in employment in the UK.

If you reduce the amount by the key workers and other non-office based employees then you essentially have more than a quarter of this figure potentially working from home if they can and their employers have allowed.

Large technology firms were the first to adopt the remote working ethos due to previous investments in their infrastructures. Office chat groups, remote access and critical tools enabled a smooth transition for many of these organisations. Now only in the last few weeks have we seen other companies following the remote working trend due to our current situation.

COVID-19 could lead to workers shifting work patterns even after the office and site closures are lifted as a £7 billion support package has been set-up by the government and this means that business rates are cut, grants and loans including a new scheme by the government called the ‘Corona Virus Interruption Loan’ would offer loans up to £1.2 Million to small businesses. Remote working will be continued by many until the end of the year at least due to government assistance being available.

Our goal at Intellicore is to ensure we help clients have a management platform that is suited to their needs and requirements. All companies are different – size, structure and management. We can provide the remote working tools that can cater for multi-industries. We have thousands of people around the globe working seamlessly and effectively through the technology systems we have created.

Our systems aim to: 

Engage teams + Collaborate more effectively = Stronger remote working environments

We want our clients to feel that they are still working alongside each other as if they are in the same office space albeit through a virtual means. Nothing is interrupted or disjointed and it is very much 'business as normal'.

We are undoubtedly facing real change in our traditional workplaces and for us now has never been more of an important time to help and facilitate clients in the area of remote working mobility. We want all remote employees to have the resources and tools they need to work productively, whilst ensuring they have excellent data security and coverage of their device infrastructure.

We do not know when things will return to normal, but one thing that can be learned from the current situation is that we must always be equipped and be technology ready to avoid disruptions with re-occurring lock downs.

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Stay Safe.
Barry Booth

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