Intellicore parter with firm in support of rapid growth in Agri-tech

Intellicore partner with digital agricultural company to improve efficiencies amid rapid growth in the Agri-tech market.

The agricultural market has recently seen a drive to fund and develop technology to assist in the recovery following the pandemic and current challenges faced by farmers. This drive has been supported by a £24million investment from the UK government

Alongside a university partnership, Barclays Bank has recently opened a farm-lab, experimenting with some of the latest Agri-tech solutions, and this is not an isolated case. Many firms are starting to experiment with the introduction of improved technology within the farming landscape.  

Our partnership with a leading digital agriculture company has expanded Intellicore’s offering to the agriculture sector and the expertise that this partnership will bring addresses many of the modern-day challenges faced by farmers, using technology to boost efficiency.

While digitising current farming activities to drive growth performance, increase health identification and improve labour efficiency is central to this movement, improving results and reducing costs via automation and data analysis is key to its continued success.

There are a number of areas that are the focus of new technology development, and below are just some of the projects that the government has recently funded to ensure the UK is continuing to be leaders in the Agri-tech landscape.

Technology Solution #1

The Solution

GPS tracking technology to monitor cows’ grazing behaviour with the function to automatically open gates, allowing cows to roam into fields with more food.

The Benefits

Productivity will improve as cows can graze for longer outdoors, and less manual inspection needed from farmers

Government Grant: £233,286

Technology Solution #2

The Solution

Technology that allows farmers to grow produce in stacked levels indoors (vertical farming technologies)

The Benefits

Flexibility of where produce can be grown as less space is needed and it can take place indoors. Further development by combining different technologies to optimise growing conditions.

Government Grant: £990,856

Technology Solution #3

The Solution

An autonomous multi modal soft fruit robot which automates and streamlines the fruit picking process.

The Benefits

Due to the process becoming more efficient, it will be more cost-effective and faster. Therefore, a more commercially viable system is in place.

Government Grant: £1,242,623

With a global pandemic still having an impact, the farming industry is currently facing a number of challenges, so there is a great drive to fund, develop and constantly think of new solutions to the issues and aid in the recovery of the sector.

We at Intellicore are extremely excited to be working with an industry where, with the talent of our developers, anything is possible, solvable and can improve such an important industry.

Barry Booth

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