We close out another year with some reflection.  

As a continuously evolving small business, it is important that we regularly review the progress we are making so we can ensure we continue to drive positive change in order to better serve our employees and customers alike.

Our strategy for 2022 was laid out during the evening of Hogmanay 2021/2022, a tradition held since inception. The keyword for the year was and will always be Quality. It has always been imperative to everything we do but we left 2021 wanting to ensure we did everything in our power to standardise and automate quality to ensure a growing team wouldn’t hinder our deliverables.

So what did that look like?

Our processes and procedures were updated, adopted and integrated throughout our team.

Our CI/CD pipeline was improved. Any on-premise services were reviewed and where appropriate, were changed to managed SAAS solutions so we could maintain the services without distracting our staff with maintenance.  

We upgraded our servers to be able to provide secure and state of the art solutions, and all other hardware was upgraded.  

We completed Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus.

We started and completed our initial ISO 9001 audit certification which will be completed in February 2023.

We started our ISO 27001 certification journey and will achieve this by May 2023.

We built a purpose made office with key inputs from each of our team members. This ensured they have a flexible space to use which makes it comfortable for them to work in and are proud to share it with our customers.

Why we are always investing in our business and our people

We can safely close 2022 knowing that we have made huge changes this year.  

We have invested in our employees, we have invested in our office, and we have, and will continue to, invest in the evolution of quality processes which make each and every customer delivery a success.

We would like to thank each and every one of our staff and customers for sticking with us this year, it has been a pleasure and we look forward to further evolving with them in 2023.  

Barry Booth

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