Brand new Intellicore

We have unveiled a new brand identity and website, positioning us more accurately and replicates our journey that the team have embarked on over the last decade.

Although the Intellicore ethos remains the same - helping clients to achieve and exceed their business goals and objectives; we have decided to adopt a fresh look that will continue and increase brand awareness and celebrate our success in the past, present and future. 

The Intellicore team pride ourselves on the diverse, technology-focused experience covering multiple industries which we transfer into live client work to deliver the best quality, fully comprehensive outcome.  Intellicore is passionate about  pushing boundaries and to discover what is achievable and always striving to deliver the best for our technology partner clients.

"We are at the forefront of digital transformation, our business core has always revolved around human-centered technology, we design and work to enhance the skills and abilities of users by providing equal priority to human and organizational issues as well as the best technical requirements that we can provide."
Barry Booth, Intellicore's CEO

Intellicore has a track record of successfully bringing technology to market, providing essential technology solutions to add value, improve safety and boost efficiency across various global industries.

Intellicore doesn’t just create the software solution, we are with clients from ideation, planning, development, execution, control, and will give you the ongoing support if you need it.

"That is what makes us Intellicore, understanding your business fully and becoming your first choice technology partner."
Barry Booth, Intellicore's CEO

The Intellicore brand grew from a cast of one, Barry Booth, to now housing  a 10-strong global team, consisting of hugely multi-skilled individuals who each embody the Intellicore brand. As a team, they have developed a strong consultancy and client-side environment, that enables Intellicore to provide a full range of services -bespoke software; mobile applications; website development; product development; database systems; system integration and much, much more.

Intellicore provides expertise to a growing client base ranging from start-ups to large multinational brands. It has the experience and the ability to fully understand our clients needs and take our clients on a journey. Intellicore is committed to bringing a concept to life and helping clients achieve an optimal return on investment, using industry-leading technology expertise and first-hand experience.

"I have enjoyed being part of this journey with Barry and our team, we have grown into a company that not only has a group of talented developers, but we also have industry respect, our clients trust us to serve and deliver - that is what we set out to do every morning when we get to work."
Des Neill, Intellicore's Technical Director
The new Intellicore tagline

‘We create the technology that builds better business’

Is about creating projects that deliver real impact, security and long term cost-saving measures and add real measurable commercial value to each of the clients.  

The Intellicore rebrand will also be partnered with this new website - this website will showcase the current service offerings from us; houses our latest news from our team and the industry and will also look at our journey with clients through our library of case studies, that highlight our now considerable portfolio of work that has been created successfully by our team over the years.

"A new brand identity is something that we all love to see in the industry - a new logo, new website, new business cards...the list goes on. However, there is more to this rebrand for Intellicore than meets the eye - this is all about a celebration of the past for Intellicore and looking at what has been achieved and where we currently are:

  • Reflecting on the journey - how Intellicore was created by Barry
  • Defining our core values and beliefs as a team
  • Identifying what we do that is better than our competitors
  • Knowing how our clients view us

This rebrand is not just about aligning the pretty aesthetics it is all about us rediscovering who we are and celebrating what has been achieved."

Barry Booth

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