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Tips for making your content juices flow

Our Marketing Manager Ashley Mackie gives us some tips on how to kick start your online content plan.

I'm sure you have heard the expression 'actions speak louder than words' - in this case, our actions sometimes hinder our words and how we create valuable content.

Here are my ten quick tips on what to do when you are high and dry on content ideas:

  1. Get some feedback - why not ask your community of readers through social media or by doing some feedback questions to customers or internal stakeholders.
  2. Change your voice - why not take a small sabbatical and approach a guest speaker to share their views on a subject or product.
  3. Be a headline-grabber - ensure that the headline of your content grabs the attention of readers and hits all the SEO sweet spots.
  4. Hit the record button - video, GIFs, and static images are essential parts of the content marketing mix - it is possible that people will enjoy the change from written to viewable content. Use FREE platforms like Canva and GIFY to make your posts kick!
  5. In the hot seat - interview a figure that you admire within the industry or a member of your team?  
  6. Write short and to the point content - remember a long blog doesn't equal a good blog.  Keep content short and to the point.  
  7. Website update - always look at your content on your website and think of ways you can improve it (by adding links to news, stats, web pages) or by providing an update to keep it fresh and relevant.
  8. Keyword analysis - by doing some keyword research within your industry, it is a good way of bringing what is being searched on Google to the forefront on your content ideas board.
  9. Have a brainstorm - sometimes grabbing a cup of coffee over ZOOM will unleash ideas and discussions.  Your colleagues will read different industry outlets.
  10. Hot right now - use Google Trends to view which stories are trending on Google.

Barry Booth

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