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The Italian connection

This month we are extremely sad with the departure of one of our Software Engineers, Bhuwan Sharma.

He has decided to head back to his homeland of Italy and continue furthering his already impressive education and professional skillset.

Bhuwan was with Intellicore for a little under a year and in that time he has been a great asset to the team and clients, he will be sorely missed by us. As Bhuwan heads off into the beautiful Italian sunset we had a few questions to ask him before he packed up his Intellicore laptop for the last time.

What has been your favourite project that you have worked on at Intellicore?

In my role, I was very lucky that I dedicated my workload to one client project and this helped me understand their business and my tasks, it meant I could fully immerse myself with them and ensure that I was constantly ‘living and breathing’ their requirements.

Each day we had a morning stand-up meeting and it helped me communicate with the team my activity in the last 24 hours as well as hearing what developments the rest of the team have been involved in and any issues and tips that they wanted to share.

What have you learned that has been valuable for your future employment?

 Working in a different country has been something that has been the most valuable as people work very differently in the UK as opposed to Italy.  

I have learned a huge amount from our CEO Barry Booth and he has inspired me greatly on team leadership and having a business mind that is accompanied by a technical side – I think that is very rare in many technology companies, in the UK, Italy and globally.

If you could give software engineers/graduates advice on finding the right company to work for – what would you say to them?

Going from University to a job is something that can be out of anyone’s comfort zone.  You have a different outlook and have no grasp of how business works.  

I was lucky enough that Intellicore fully understands this transition and my arrival was seamless and I felt supported.  I would advise that you research the company– look at who your colleagues will be on LinkedIn and what clients they look after and it will give you a nice familiarisation on what to expect from the team and the business.  I know that graduates are desperate for any job that is going, but be selective otherwise you will feel unfulfilled in your surroundings and this will not help you or your new team strive.  

You have stayed in Aberdeen for some time now – what will you miss most about the city?

I will miss the beach the most and the fact that you can move from a very granite architecture, urban and historical city into a wonderful coastal location.  I think that the beach is sometimes forgotten about by the locals and it would be great for more events to take place there again when things return to normal following COVID-19.

Do you have any advice for someone that moves country for a role?

Ensure that you have got good transport links to and from airports as many will go for the cheapest accommodation instead of looking at the location.  

If you are moving to a country where English is your second language, then I would take a few days out before you start your new role and people watch and observe the locals.   I have noticed that locals in Aberdeen differ greatly from those in Dundee, Edinburgh, etc, so you must pick up on their little quirks.

Finally, Bhuwan we are extremely sad to see you go – we wish you all the best with your continued education and we hope to see you back in Aberdeen again in the future.  Thanks for all your support and letting us sample the fruits of your pizza making!


Barry Booth

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