Picture this. You are aware of a massive industry challenge and to-date no one has discovered a solution.

You want to be the trailblazer and develop pioneering technology to address the challenge. But how do you do it?

Intellicore support you through all the stages, from planning to development to testing to market launch. Ensuring you have piece of mind that the project is going to plan. Don’t just take our word for it though. We worked with Des Neill (MD of Seall ECDIS) to develop and launch a marine navigation system. The product is now used across the globe in over 40,000 vessels, enhancing safety and efficiency with the advanced and intuitive technology.

What are the challenges that companies face when attempting to launch a new product to market?

The main challenge is successful product road mapping. There's a lot of noise out there and narrowing down the direction to take your product can be extremely difficult. Sometimes the Could-Haves start to drown out the Must-Haves, and it becomes very challenging to prioritise. You can have all the passion and knowledge necessary to dream up a brilliant and world-changing product, but if you can't implement a strategy of how to get there it will never move past the dream stage. 

What are the key considerations that are often missed/overlooked when launching a new software product?

Product Evangelising

New products can often take on a life of their own within an organisation. We, as people, invest in the outcome of our labour, so naturally, we become very invested in a product at the end of a long development process. This can result in some internal hyping that misses important issues. The research gets skewed because people are asking the wrong questions. The challenge is not only to find the right questions to ask but to have the confidence to pursue them when they bring up issues that could hinder the product down the line. Capturing how the users use the product and where the trouble points are is essential during the planning and development stages.  

Admin Functionality

Thinking beyond a product's customer-facing aspects is vital and managing the type of support required can be forgotten under the haze of user experience. Apps do not run on auto-pilot. You need to build an infrastructure that will log when issues arise so your company can respond to support needs effectively. 

What benefits would a customer receive when working with a tech expert?

More bang for your buck.

Partnership with a technical expert ensures a better return on your investment. Especially for companies working in transformative industries where the requirement for expertise is high and the window of opportunity short.  Working together allows your team to be exposed to new technology at a reasonable pace but with proper guidance. Whilst avoiding the challenging and resource-draining process of recruiting and retaining technical talent. 

It aids your in-house team with potential tunnel vision, as outside experts can offer different perspectives and experiences for finding solutions. It can help identify areas of your strategy that need to be strengthened or point out opportunities for improvement earlier in the process. 

Flexibility for your business and product.

Partnerships should help your business remain flexible. It allows you to shrink or expand according to the demands of each phase of your product's evolution.  

Finding the right partnership also means that as your business and industry evolve, your software solutions should evolve with you.  Get in touch

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