Often companies are put off by bespoke software, as it can be associated with high costs and a slow implementation process.

However, with constantly evolving, modern technology, custom made software can offer a smooth transition and implementation plan, manageable costs and increased ROI as systems specifically designed for your process allow for more efficient operations.

In fact, off-the-shelf software can often cause inefficiencies and slow down your operations, as you try to squeeze a one-size-fits-all product into your business, trying to make your business fit the mold of the software rather than making the software fit your business needs.  

So why should you invest in a bespoke system?  


When building a bespoke software system with a technical partner, they will get to know your business in depth. Focusing on exploring the genuine pain points that your team are facing with the current software system and what the specific workflow requirements are in order to deliver the highest of standards to your customers.  

With an off-the-shelf product, your business will not get this personalised approach. You will need to adjust your operations in order to suit the product as it is designed to meet the majority of a business’ needs, which may not suit all.  


If you have an existing system or certain technology that is working for part of your business, a technical partner can work with you to build software that integrates with this system. This ensures that you are keeping the elements that you need, and expanding upon the areas of the business you want to integrate with the system.  

This is much more difficult to achieve with an off-the-shelf product, as it is likely the software has not been built with this goal in mind, meaning you may have to scrap your existing system altogether.  


Your technical partner will design your software with the ability to scale with your business, adding functionality when required. With a ready-built product, you might find that a few years down the line, the software is no longer delivering what your business needs. You may now need to install a whole new system, meaning the investment you originally made is wasted.  


By working with a technical partner, you will have an ongoing relationship with key individuals who are skilled and experienced with the specific system you are using. They will offer support specific to your system and ensure the advice and feedback you receive is relevant and correct.  

With ready-made products, it will likely be a generic support response that will not have an in-depth awareness of your business which could be frustrating when you don’t get the answer you are looking for.  

With a bespoke system, you are making a smarter investment. You are ensuring your technology works for your business now and in the future, ensuring your team can work efficiently and continue to deliver for your customers. In many instances, a gradual payment plan can be implemented so you can pay in manageable chunks rather than a lump sum, ensuring you are doing the best for your business.  

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Barry Booth

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