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Ace Forwarding

The Client

ACE Forwarding are specialist in providing innovative custom made freight forwarding and dangerous goods solutions. Based in both Aberdeen and London, they service the Oil & Gas industry amongst other clients across a variety of sectors.


The Problem

The Aberdeen office of ACE Forwarding contacted Intellicore in relation to improving efficiency. They had identified that their warehouse process was out of date and required streamlining to better suit the businesses evolution. Key to this was a new process that leveraged technology as much as possible.


What We Did

The new process was devised and Intellicore suggested areas in which technology could be applied to streamline operations and drive the efficiency sought.


An app for tablets and phone was developed which allowed operatives to confirm receipt of goods on a handheld device as soon as the goods arrived. This cut down the time spent and also allowed the operative to move swiftly onto the next task without moving back and forth to a computer or paper files.


The next step is for the operative to scan the QR code on the item. The application prompts the operative to do this as soon as they have confirmed receipt and once scanned, will advise as to which bay the freight has to be placed in for transportation. This prompt ensures that the operative does not forget or overlook this crucial part of the process and, perhaps most importantly, completes the task immediately. This is particularly important in the case of some of the freight going to the oil rigs as it can contain perishable or frozen goods which must be in transit on a helicopter within one hour of arriving at the distribution warehouse.


Ultimately the solution aims to mitigate human error and run at real time to allow for timeous transit of freight. One feature that we are particularly proud of is the solution’s ability to scan multiple QR codes at once, allowing for the process to be further enhanced by time saving efficiencies.

If you would like to know more about our bespoke solutions and how they might be able to help your business, please contact us on 01224 213335.