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December 10, 2020

Heading in the right direction - smooth sailing for the Intellicore developed SEALL ECDIS training app

SEALL was a new brand launched by Jargoon in 2013. Fast forward to 2020 SEALL are now established specialists in maritime software and this particular venture involved the design, development and release of marine navigation software.

The client

A technology company which pushes innovation to improve safety within the marine industry.

SEALL ECDIS Ltd (SEALL) was established in 2013 to bring its cutting-edge, innovative SEALL product line to the maritime market.  To date, SEALL is now powering over 29,000 licenced products globally.  

By providing empowered easy to use software solutions to the marine industry that has been independently developed by our in-house team. SEALL aim to improve the efficiency and safety of vessels and crews globally.

This established SEALL team are a shared collective of technologists and mariners that have over fifty years of building solutions in maritime, charting, navigation and positioning.  By using tried and tested technology alongside the experience gained in building historic solutions and time served at sea, SEALL are the front-runners in designing highly sought-after intuitive design systems that provide better results, improve safety standards and are simpler to use in the maritime sector.  

SEALL is the sister company of Intellicore, run by Managing Director, Des Neill and Commercial Director, Barry Booth. The same directors that make up Intellicore and HCTG.

Together, Des and Barry have successfully worked on many high impact projects for around 14 years. They have cemented this alliance by having a solid business partnership that spans the last decade. 

Des Neill has a long, proven track record for developing software products for the marine industry.  In 2008 his company Jargoon launched Voyager, a back of bridge product delivering chart updates services.  This was distributed using a similar arrangement by its then agent Thomas Gunn. 

Des Neill was the initial developer of Voyager and it is the SEALL ENC Kernel which is used by over twenty-nine thousand vessels globally.

Intellicore has a resource pool that actively ignites and feeds into the development of the SEALL software portfolio.  Barry facilitates all commercial aspects and strategic direction of both businesses and ensures that both businesses learn, grow and evolve whilst constantly striving for continuous improvement in the marine and other key sectors.

The problem

It has been reported that the majority of the global shipping community have now completed the switch to navigation using Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) and evidence is now emerging that ECDIS related issues uncovered during inspections and audits is increasing. Supporting this, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) recently reported a large rise in the number of vessels detained because of ECDIS deficiencies.

It is without question that an ECDIS can increase safety, compliance and correct navigational paths, However, once installed it is up to the ship operators, owners and management teams to ensure that all parties are familiar with the use of the ECDIS and their responsibilities for ongoing regulations and compliance.

With this pain point in mind SEALL sought to develop a simple user-friendly training app for ECDIS that would provide training to their customers all over the globe. The idea was to allow for updates of the training manual immediately, rather than having to replace paper based manuals at slow speed and high cost.

It was important that the app needed to be as simple and seamless as possible for the user. The user could 'learn on the go' and complete knowledge bridges whenever timing and work schedules allowed.

"SEALL's main priority with introducing a hugely beneficial training app for the SEALL ECDIS was to ensure that bridge teams are trained and certified in the operation of ECDIS and in line with the requirements and audits."

Des Neill, Managing Director, SEALL.

What we did

Within the ECDIS training app it was important that navigators can use and understand SEALL ECDIS in the context of navigation and can demonstrate all competencies contained in and implied by STCW 2010. Such training should ensure that the navigator learns to use ECDIS and can apply it in all aspects of navigation, including the knowledge, understanding and proficiency to transfer that skill to the particular ECDIS system(s) actually encountered on board, prior to taking over navigational duties.

The application itself is easy to use and navigate. There are five course modules pre-loaded onto the app which take users through a step by step training guide with annotated screenshots of the system. There are pop ups and areas that the user can hover over for more information making it interactive and user friendly. Upon completion of all five courses the application issues a certification for the user confirming their completion of the course.

"Non-compliance is a potential threat to the safety of a ship and its crew, as well as other members of the global shipping community and the marine environment. Our two teams at Intellicore and SEALL worked together to ensure that we had an app that would cover our vital objectives in covering this area in the marine industry."

Barry Booth, CEO, Intellicore.

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