Team Talk
January 10, 2021

Together we co-create robust industry-leading software

Our team of skilled software engineers and problem-solvers are excellent listeners.

Let us help you take your ideas and turn them into a reality that will withstand your requirements for maintaining and evolving.

Our Values

Partnership: As a technology partner, Intellicore work together with our clients to build and develop software solutions that will meet business goals, KPIs, and expectations. It is essential that our first role in a partnership is to listen and understand your needs. Then together we co-create robust industry-leading software that will withstand your requirements for maintaining and evolving in your chosen market space.

Accessibility: We want to be that additional adopted member of your team that provides the resources and knowledge that is needed by you. Therefore we make sure we are available to you and that you feel like part of our team as much as we embrace becoming part of yours.

Committed: We take our jobs seriously. We live and breathe what we do. We are passionate about technology and its ability to provide flexible solutions to any problem. We love analysing a business’ needs and identifying where and how technology can help them reach targets and streamline operations.  We also understand that each client is different, and we can tailor our skills to your needs to create the best results.  

Knowledgeable: We are your research, growth and prototyping technical partner, focused on developing bespoke technology for a wide variety of markets and their challenges. We use global partnerships and industry collaboration to bring products and services to market to the highest standard, delivering the best results from the most advanced technology, techniques and disciplines.  

All Levels of Business

  • Nurture start-ups and ensure the foundations are set for continual growth and evolution
  • Guide SMEs by advising the best tools suited to their infrastructure and people
  • Consult all organisations whether it be with managing large scale software projects or chewing over a technology idea that may lead to huge benefits for a workforce

We create the technology that builds better business.

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written by
Ashley Mackie
Marketing Manager
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