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As a starter for ten; here are some essential Q&As that will give you some food for thought on what you may be currently asking yourself about your current enterprise software within your company.


Your situation:

A key member of your team has left the business and they were the only person in the company that understood this legacy estate of software applications and reports.  

Our solution:

Is it time you need to invest in modernising these legacy estates of software? Talk to us today about how we can help you.
Your situation:

You have software that is now nearing the end of life,  you no longer have support on the legacy technology.  As a company, you need to look at how you go forward as a business and invest in software that can now facilitate your changing business.  

Our solution:

Intellicore has a team that can work on your existing technology and look at how it can be either overhauled, updated and supported.  
Your situation:

As a business over time, you have multiple business systems all solving parts of a business issue, however, not one of the systems can fully serve the business need.  

Our solution:

Intellicore will work with you as your technology partner to grasp an understanding of your needs, identify gaps in the current systems and provide potential solutions for the immediate, long-term and ongoing basis.  

We are commercially aware and will work with you to try and identify the most suitable solution for the business.

Your situation:

We have  several teams across the globe that have different data requirements from the same system.  The existing software is unable to facilitate the growing demands and needs of teams in various disciplines.  

Our solution:

Intellicore will look at how best to develop a system that can be aligned with an existing system or can plan a completely new infrastructure of technology that can flow more effectively for your business.
Your situation:

With so many solutions on the market now, it is difficult to identify and review the best fit for your business.  

Our solution:

Intellicore is a best of breed software development company that can advise, consult and if required, build software solutions for your business, whatever the problem or objective. 
Your situation:

You have  started the development of a product with a supplier and would for one reason or another like to continue the development with a new supplier.

Intellicore is no stranger to taking on partially completed projects and as such we can work with you and where possible the existing supplier to construct a good handover and facilitate a successful completion to the project.

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