Our CEO, Barry Booth shares the business lessons he has learnt through his successful career within the tech industry.

What does your company do that others don’t?  

Intellicore specialises in creating and developing technology that solves specific challenges for our customers. We are your technical partner and extension to your team, ensuring your software and hardware are working harder so your team are able do their job efficiently and your company is operating as proficiently as possible.  

Whether it’s working with existing business systems to improve their performance and integration, or creating completely new ones such as a mobile/tablet app or a bespoke CRM system, we are always driven by a desire to make things easier for our clients.

We also want to help businesses take their own tech ideas from concept to market and then scale them into a highly successful business.

What are the most pressing challenges that your industry sector faces today and why?  

The skillset of what we do at Intellicore is very niche, which makes is a good thing from a business sense but can be challenging when trying to hire the highest calibre of people. The market is extremely competitive so when we hire someone, we work hard to do everything we can to retain them in the business. With strong career progression opportunities and a great support network, we hope that when people join Intellicore they feel integrated and valued. We then can nurture their existing skill to always deliver a high standard to our customers.  

What is the hardest lesson you have learned in your career to date?  

The importance of reinvesting into the team and the company. I have come to realise what a priority this must be for our business plan. We have a huge amount to deliver for our customers and we are in a sector that is constantly evolving and moving forward. Investing in continuous development for the team and ensuring we have the most up to date equipment so that we can continue to bring value to our customers. By investing in this way, we can ensure our business is maintainable and scalable and we have the procedures in place for growth.    

What is the most valuable piece of business advice you have every received?  

Cashflow is King. It’s such a simple one but keeping an eye on your cashflow is essential to maintaining and growing your business.  

What’s been the proudest career achievement to date and why?  

I’m exceptionally proud of how the business has grown. In particular, that the business is completely self-funded, with no external investment. Everything that we have achieved has come into the business and been reinvested to get us to the position we are in now.  

We are providing solutions to companies worldwide and being relied upon to make their businesses grow. We are setting the standard and writing technical papers that are acknowledged by industry leaders across the globe.  

If you could make one thing happen tomorrow that would benefit North-east Scotland, what would it be?  

I think all Aberdeen businesses would agree that the city centre desperately needs development. Following the difficult couple of years from the pandemic, and now a cost of living crisis, Aberdeen city centre is in a poor shape just now. I support the plans that are in place and would love to see action to bring some life back into the area.  

What was your first job?  

A Paperboy and a Stonemason during the Summer holidays. Out of Uni, I was a Software Engineer.  

When would you like to retire?  

I was hoping to retire before now!  

What did you have for breakfast?  

Fruit. Very healthy!  

Who or what inspires you?  

My old man has always been my biggest inspiration. He worked hard and made our life the way it is.

Barry Booth

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