Our CEO, Barry Booth shares his top tips within the tech industry.

Area of Expertise

Intellicore specialises in creating and developing technology that solves specific challenges for our customers. We are your technical partner and extension to your team, ensuring your software and hardware are integrated and working harder, so your team are able do their job efficiently and your company is operating as proficiently as possible.  

What should people know?  

I think people don’t realise how transformational having the right integrated, bespoke technology can be for their business. By working with us, you have a full team of experts working with you. We create technology that will grow and scale with your business and with your business needs.  

What’s the biggest mistake companies make?  

The biggest mistake we notice with companies is not understanding the importance of maintaining your technology, ensuring it grows as your business and your team grows. Once installed, it is often not updated and then companies are running inefficiently with an outdated system. Working with us, we remain part of your team, developing and supporting your systems thereafter.

What’s your top tip?  

Keep it simple. Don’t over complicate technology. Approach the challenge in baby steps and make incremental changes, this means that you are only spending money that you need to and are likely to see an ROI at an earlier stage.  

Barry Booth

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