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March 12, 2021

How to achieve greater customer satisfaction: Intellicore creates software for CRE Marine that keeps everyone on the same page

The client

CRE Marine are specialists in underwater connectivity dealing in connectors, penetrators, junction boxes, termination and cables. Based in Aberdeen CRE have been growing successfully since 2002 and now has over 50 employees and despite the recent global upsets of COVID-19 the team have been adapting and working almost seamlessly with the help of bespoke software created by Intellicore that helped manage CRE's work in progress infrastructure that would benefit the team through to the customers.

Since 2002 CRE has provided a service to support its client’s operations in one of Earth's most demanding environments – the deep ocean. CRE is a company that supports an industry that expects products to be manufactured to short delivery schedules without any compromise on quality. The team recognise that reliability and performance of our products is essential for our customers to deliver their service.

The customer support team is dedicated to listening and understanding our customers requirements and continually improving our products and service through innovative engineering and flexible manufacturing.  With all of this in mind CRE wanted to work with Intellicore in developing a strong barcode database that could be accessed via web and tablet using secure password log-ins for the CRE team.

Working with the Intellicore team was a first choice for CRE Marine's Finance Director Joe Murdoch:

“I have known Barry for over 10 years and I would not look at any other software developing agency to work with my business – he listens, understands, provides a huge amount of input that can help the bigger picture, not just the software channel – it was very much a team effort with us and Intellicore.”

The brief

Joe and the team at CRE identified that there was scope for an engagement piece whereby their staff could input on changes or modifications to operations. They sought a solution that would allow staff to raise tickets, allow management to assign that ticket to an employee and then track the progress of that ticket through to completion.

As CRE manufacture various cables and components for the Oil & Gas industry. This needs to be done quickly and easily whilst ensuring high-quality. Overall, Joe and the team at CRE had the following objectives:

  • Track progress of work orders / work order units
  • Pinpoint the location of work orders / work order units
  • Improve efficiency through early identification of bottlenecks within the manufacturing process
“The Intellicore team and I worked together in developing a software system for CRE that could work in continuing our integrated approach within our business. As we have a growing team (60 members of staff at the moment), it was important that we could internally communicate as well as create a process that would allow us to identify and track our products on all levels.”

“Barry and Shaun understood our brief and it has been a great stage one of the processes that we hope to continue shortly.  Their ability to create software to our specific CRE requirements and business needs is something that will ensure we have better group communication, tracking and less time spent.  Overall, we have already seen the benefits after only a few months of adopting the new software platform.”

What we did

Intellicore built a bespoke solution that gives each employee a unique login. Once logged in the user can raise a ticket and submit it through the portal. Management are notified of the ticket and can then review it and assign an employee to it. The employee may then go away and undertake research, produce notes, diagrams etc and can save them against the ticket record for all to see. The solution tracks the progress of the ticket to completion and catalogues it. One interesting feature is the dynamic file tree with folder issue structure. This allows the user to drag and drop documents increasing the user experience and efficiency.

“We went live at each stage of the process – we deployed, we did not do testing as we deemed it was not essential as SAGE was still managing the financial side. We had some issues syncing the bar code development with SAGE, but Barry and Shaun overcame the obstacles to ensure that everything was seamless and integrated well,”

continues Joe.

The benefits following project completion

The system has provided CRE with greater visibility of  work in progress and from that they are able to provide better updates to their customers on their deliveries - this is essential in today's busy marine industry.

“Our team fed-back any issues to Shaun (our team leader) and he set a priority list and ensures that any issues would be addressed with priority. I was assured at the fast pace that Shaun delivered and assisted any changes when we needed it. We have held updates with Shaun and he has been very approachable on everything all through the project.”

Overall, concludes Joe:

"The system has provided us with greater visibility of work in progress; from that, we can provide better updates to our customers on deliveries - time has certainly been saved, our customers have been very impressed - we now have a facility to generate internal NCRS (non-confirmed reports) internal and external - which has been a huge time-saving benefit for our business."
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