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December 8, 2020

Diving into new technology: Orca Subsea enlists the help of Intellicore to develop an exciting new app

Orca Subsea partnered with Intellicore for the collaboration to use Intellicore’s skills and capabilities for a new mobilisation system for Orca Subsea.

The Concept

The Orca Subsea application is used to manage equipment that is being loaded and unloaded from vessels in order to keep off-site staff and clients updated with progress of a mobilisation exercise.

The proposed solution incorporates an iOS tablet application along with a user-friendly web-portal. The data for the application is driven solely by the tablet device whereas the client portal is simply for viewing the data. The web-portal is used by clients who need to view the current status of a mobilisation exercise and the tablets is being used solely by the Orca Subsea contractors.

Like all technology the security of the system was a requirement Orca viewed as critical.  Intellicore developed the software to provide secure log-ins for multi-users, a ‘forgotten password’ mechanism was implemented that allows clients & staff to recover their password and a password reset mechanism has been built-in for users who wish to simply change their password.  All the security communication is protected through SSL.

Two portals were also needed for the project, an admin portal – this portal allows administrators to create new clients and users for the application, as well as deleting clients that no longer need access.  The second portal for the clients was designed to show Orca a list of live clients and scheduled mobilisations upon log-in.

The tablet development application was integral to this project and it was developed to allow contractors the ability to create a job against a specific client, allow a user to upload a vessels PDF against a job including capabilities of multiple PDFs being uploaded against a job where required.  It was possible that third-parties could be marked against a job too, so contact details of all contacts involved in the mobilisation could be viewed and streamlined.  Contractors could provide manual project updates out-with system generated ones.  Drag and drop elements can also be utilised for the contractor to locate where equipment is situated on a vessels floor plan.

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