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The Client

UDrafter is an online and application based platform where local businesses can post one-off jobs or tasks to be completed by students on demand.


The Problem

Udrafter required an application for mobiles and tablets that worked seamlessly and provided an enjoyable and straightforward user experience having identified an opportunity in the market.


What We Did

This is a platform for students and employers. The application allows students to create their own profile and search for jobs through the application. The jobs can be filtered by criteria such as location, industry, number of hours etc. Once the student has found a job that they wish to apply for they can do so quickly through the application itself. The information is taken from their profile and there is an optional text box to be completed comprising their covering letter. The application is sent directly to the person who posted the job for their consideration. The application is aimed at enabling students to undertake valuable work experience in the industry or sector most relevant to their degree which should put them in a better position upon leaving University.